saytlarin hazirlanmasiis elanlari
Masalli-Alat highway, construction and design of Lenkeranchay bridge
Construction of the road junction in Baku city, at the intersection of Z. Bunyadov and A. Rajabli St
Shamakhi city, the construction of rural roads
Reconstruction, restoration, and renovation works in the vicinity of "Imamzadeh" sanctuary" religious complex in Ganja
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Road is a culture. The culture of each nation begins from roads. When the roads are convenient, leading edge, smooth in this case human is touched. It is no coincidence, recently as a result of President of the Republic, Mr. Ilham Aliyev's instructions, recommendations, attention and care, all the roads and bridges is being restored and re-established. In this case, the set-line hard work of one of the institutions is "Ganja Korpu Tikinti-2" a joint-stock company. Since its inception, the company which has established its business on today's requirements has a basic principle: to fulfill the set tasks on time and with quality. Each time a new application, and a successful work, "Ganja Korpu Tikinti-2" OJSC staff continues its activity and uses all the power and skill for the sake of people.

"Ganja Korpu Tikinti-2" Open Joint Stock Company is one of the few institutions dealing with bridge crossings, skyways, underground passages, water pipes and roads, as well as the construction of artificial structures in the territory of Republic. In addition, carries out the renovation of the main city roads and highways, monolithic reinforced concrete in the masonry construction and installation of works. The main objective of management is always to go forward, to use the latest achievements of scientific and technical progress, learn new technologies, to raise done fulfillments at the level of international standards, to implement tasks with quality, safe, timely, without striking environmental and labor protection requirements, and in addition to develop well-being of staff, also to achieve the development of infrastructure our state.

"Ganja Korpu Tikinti-2" company focused on the highly qualified and experienced staff. The company works with professionals in the construction industry, which is the highest level of readiness. Currently, about 350 employees are working in the enterprise.

"Ganja Korpu Tikinti-2" OJSC, the world's leading manufacturers of equipment produced by Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Kamatsu, Kato, Mann, Liebherr, Bomaq, Caterpillar, Casagrande, Solimec and so on. Manufacturer of the world's renowned companies, products and other equipment were concentrated in the technology park. In general, techniques and equipment on the balance sheet of the company is close to 160.

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